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The Overview page is the central information hub for your planet, and is the first page to load after you log in. There are six main items on the Overview screen that allow you to easily get up to date with your planet's happenings in the course of your absence. These are the Message Of The Day, the Galaxy Message, your fleet overview display, your ships, Construction and research information, and finally, your asteroids.

Message of the Day
Announcements about the game will be displayed here.

Galaxy Message
The Message that is displayed and edited by your own galaxy. Only your galaxy team mates can see this. Each galaxy has its own Galaxy Message.

Incoming Fleets to your planet
Shows if someone has sent a fleet towards you. The Fleet can be friendly or hostile.

Fleet Overview
The fleet overview can provide you with all the information you need to know about your fleets. It displays their locations, their estimated arrival time (ETA) to their destination, and reminds you of their orders.

Construction and Research
This section of the Overview screen will display information about the activities of your Construction team and Scientists. The information displayed will tell you how long its take to complete the task

Shows the amount of military ships and their types that you have available (in total).

The final section of your Overview page is the Asteroids area. This displays the total number of asteroids you own as well as how many of those asteroids are Metal, Crystal or Eonium.